1. Team Workshop Facilitation

Working with natural groups is one of the most efficient and effective ways to accelerate team development.

Existing relationships, structures, conflicts, shared goals and tasks provide the raw material and basis for new developments.

Skilled facilitation helps the group become aware of the dynamics, issues and opportunities at play. The facilitator interacts flexibly, in real time, with the group to introduce new thinking and tools, to initiate relevant exercises and discussion and to draw out experience, peer feedback, information and commitment from the group.

Group-work principles support the team workshop structure. Inherent are the freedoms to explore what matters most to the team, to engage directly with peers, to give and receive feedback, to work constructively on difficult issues both relational and task, and ultimately to learn and grow as individuals and as a team. [Note: my group-work approach does not involve PowerPoint presentations]

Pre-work with the leader helps clarify goals and context. An offsite venue with natural light and greenery, a circle of comfortable chairs, a flip chart and wall space for culture maps and our notes, we are under way …

“I enjoyed the way the workshop was presented. The facilitator wasn’t pushy or preachy and I was impressed by the way we were encouraged to explore the ideas and methods using our own practical examples.” Marketing Manager, Australian Rugby

2. Leadership Formation

Leadership Formation is a small group, workshop based series designed for personal and professional leadership development.

You will become solidly grounded as a leader through a fresh understanding of your sense of identity and purpose, your patterns of relationship and behaviour, and your values and intentions. This awareness and experience of self will give you a renewed clarity and courage to lead. Find further information here.

“Looking back over the past ten years, I credit the work of Leadership Formation with opening up significant personal growth and an important new career. I gained the clarity, strength and skills to wholeheartedly pursue a meaningful, yet risky endeavour. The work is tough, but then doesn’t anything worthwhile need to be earned?” Entrepreneur

3. Leadership Mentor / Executive Coach

Leaders inevitably shape an organisation as a product of their own vision and awareness. This implies an important leadership challenge, the need for constant self development and evolution. If you stagnate, so will your team. And as you expand your horizons, so your organisation is enabled to expand and extend.

“Fantastic executive coaching partner” Finance Director, Diageo

4. Organisational Culture Consulting

I’m rarely asked ‘why invest in culture?’. Today I find there’s little argument over the crucial role culture plays in an organisations’ success. More often I encounter questions starting with What, How and Where.

There are no formulaic answers to these questions; no best practice to be replicated. Working with intangibles is as much an art as a science. However, collaborating with a partner who has practical experience, a wide ranging set of skills and tools and hard won wisdom can help guide a leaders thinking and efforts.

An elder once gave me very sound culture change guidance – notice what you care about; make a start there (it’s all connected); learn as you go; and persevere.

“Over a period of six years Thorin has achieved a ‘revolution’ in our approach to business and leadership.” NSW General Manager, Visy