Welcome … perhaps like me, you believe nurturing our human potential is today’s vital enterprise. That our power to make a constructive contribution depends on developing and using our talents well. And through our efforts we will enjoy, share and achieve far more as individuals and together, in the places we work and live.

Perhaps like me you have also discovered that sustained leadership in the wider world demands a robust proficiency in self leadership. In my experience, this truth emerges keenly as you mature into your career and life.

Mid career and particularly in mid-life, you may begin to ask yourself deep personal questions. Questions about your professional choices, about your identity and purpose, about the patterns of thinking and beliefs which guide you, about the quality of your relationships, and even what it means to live a good life.

My signature work is Leadership Formation, a development series designed to enable you, in concert with a peer group, to explore and perhaps answer these questions.

I welcome expressions of interest from experienced professionals with a commitment to advancing their leadership practice.

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If your interest in my work is more oriented toward stretching and growing your team and organisation then I offer facilitated workshops and culture development consulting. Please visit my Services page for more detailed information.

A long-term client and General Manager of a large organisation said of our collaboration: “Over a period of six years Thorin has achieved a revolution in our approach to business and leadership.” I was delighted for my work to receive such a strong endorsement. However I have learned that in this field of leadership and culture development there are very few overnight revolutions.

I notice change and growth more often appears as a result of the gradual accumulation of new thinking and practices, which over time transforms leaders, their teams, the cultural environment and ultimately performance.

If you too are on this path, I encourage you in all your endeavours.

Thorin Munro

Sydney, Australia