Articles you may find relevant to your leadership and team development efforts.

“The Cultural Leadership Challenge”
Joyce Bleby, CLOC, August 2006. A new generation of Executives and Managing Directors on the horizon bringing with them a new level of understanding and expertise in Cultural Leadership.

“Change Leader, Change Thyself”
McKinsey Quarterly, March 2014. Anyone who pulls the organization in new directions must look inward as well as outward.

“The Place Beyond Fear and Hope”
Margaret Wheatley, Shambala Sun, 2009. In difficult times it takes effort to stay grounded in the present, but it is only there that we will find a place unclouded by hope and fear.

“Swarm Theory”
Peter Miller, National Geographic, July 2007. Ants, bees and birds teach us how to cope with a complex world.

“Jim Collins on Tough Calls”
Jerry Useem, Fortune, June 2005. It’s really a stream of decisions over time, brilliantly executed, that accounts for great outcomes.

“The best advice I ever got.”
Fortune, March 2005. A selection of business leaders share the most important advice from people who influenced their  lives.

“Why it’s hard to do what’s right.”
Bill George, Fortune, September 2003. Medtronic’s former chairman Bill George says today’s CEOs are being swayed by every voice – except their own.

“Reawakening Your Passion for Work”
Richard Boyatzis, Annie McKee, and Daniel Goleman. HBR, April 2002. The process is almost always painful and messy but in every person’s life, there comes a time to take stock.

“Level 5 Leadership”
Jim Collins, HBR January 2001.
Build enduring greatness through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will.